Bank of America Hours Of Operation

What time does Bank of America open and close? Explore more about Bank of America hours of operation. Bank of America is closed on Sunday. However, business hours maybe a topic of interest for its consumers spread worldwide.

Having 50 million consumers all around the world, Bank of America is spread around 40 countries worldwide and 50 states. It stands as one of the four biggest banks in United States, including three other banks in competition; Citigroup, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase.

To find out operational hours, go through the table below.


Monday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

No difference in weekday routine hours is observed from Monday till Thursday; the bank remains open for 8 hours from 9 AM till 4 PM. For Friday, the timings are slightly different as to cater as many needs of the consumer as possible before weekend.  The operational hours reduce to half on Saturday, i.e. the bank opens between 9 AM till 1 AM only and Sunday is observed as a holiday like all other American banks.


BANK OF AMERICA branch locator

A great tool to locate the nearest branch is through the branch locater available on the official website of the bank. This is the fastest and the most efficient method for tracking the nearest local bank.

Follow these steps to locate the nearest branch in your locality.

  1. Go to ; locator of banks official website.
  2. Enter you city, zip or state
  3. you will be shown a list of all the nearest branches.
  4. Select one branch from the list and find out the additional information required such as address, phone number location etc.

This method is the most reliable for locating your nearest branch and so we prefer it over other method too.

Through Google Map

Google Maps is another tool used for store location and is widely used by customers nationwide due to easy method however, we prefer the store’s online locator over Google maps due to its reliability and authenticity.

  1. Go to Google Maps
  2. search for “Bank of America” or simply go to this link.
  3. select the branch you wish to view from the list of all bank branches around you.
  4. Information such as the address, ratings, contact number and directions to the branches will then be displayed to you by Google.
  5. Find out the directions to your nearest branch.

However, we recommend the usage of website locator as mentioned above.

Bank of America’s mobile application is one of the most handy tools you could use for the management of your finances. It tracks you the operational hours and does much more Currently, this app has around 31 million online users and 16 million active users.

listed below are some features of this official app.

  • Payment of online bills
  • online money transfer
  • Account management
  • location of nearest bank and operational hours
  • other updates and information

To download this application simply go to app store or play store and start enjoying the amazing features.


The following table gives information about the days of operation during national holidays.

Black FridayMardi Gras
Christmas eveMemorial day
Cinco De mayoMother’s day
Easter MondayValentine’s day
Good FridaySt.patricks day
Father’s dayTax Day
Christmas DayChristmas Day
Easter SundayIndependence Day
Bad weather DaysThanks giving
New Year’s DayPresidents day
Columbus dayEaster’s Sunday
Memorial dayVeteran’s day
Labour day

It may be noted that this information may vary from one location to another.


  • Timings

What time does bank open?
What time does bank close?
What are Saturday and Sunday timings?

  • Operational Hours

What are opening hours?
What are closing hours?
Is the schedule being followed consistent?
How do I find out bank hours?

  • location

How do I find the location to my nearest bank?

BANK OF AMERICA Hours are subjected  to vary by location and may change. The tools mentioned above may be used for the tracking of reliable and accurate hours of operation. In case of any legitimate queries, please refer to our website.


Headed by CEO Brian T. Moynihan, The bank offers a variety of features for all its consumers. Services include consumer banking, finance and insurance, investment banking, credit cards, mortgage loans and much more. The bank operates worldwide and in 2015, the revenue was calculated to be $85 billion with $7billlion operating income.

In 2010, Forbes Magazine regarded this bank as the third largest company worldwide and today it has reached the second position among the top world companies., providing services from 5000 banking centers around the world with 166 ATM’s.

Given below is a list of Bank of America’s contact information.

Address100 N Tryon St
Charlotte, NC 28255
Phone(704) 386-5681
 fax(704) 386-6699
EmailContact Us
Facebook Pagefacebook
Twitter Pagetwitter
*INFORMATION MAY VARY location TO location


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